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Top Marketing Video Uses of 2014

This list represents a survey of video production companies that was taken by the Web Video Marketing Council in 2014.  The goal of the survey was to find out what sort of videos were being produced by the most amount of companies.  In one respect, this list represents the types of marketing videos that businesses are finding most effective in reaching their audiences.

  • 80.8%    Videos for Company website
  • 69.2%    Video content for social media - networking sites
  • 39.3%    Video content for generating sales leads
  • 38.1%    Video content for employee training & education
  • 34.9%    Video for management communications
  • 31.1%    Online video slide presentations
  • 27%       Video brochures, video landing pages, video postcards, etc
  • 23.3%    Video email marketing
  • 17.3%    Online video advertising

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Brent Tallent

This list gives confidence to see how others are finding success with their marketing dollars while serving as a brainstorm to evaluate your current video uses and needs.

Brent Tallent, Brent Tallent Video Productions

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