Video Marketing that Propels Your Viewers To Action

Your story told in a way that moves people to action...

Are you looking for more effective ways to connect with your audience with video?  Are you interested in using Video SEO to connect to new prospects?  Could you benefit from a video that builds confidence in your story and takes the viewers down a path toward a measurable action?

I’m Brent Tallent and I have a passion for uncovering the most important parts of your story and telling them in a way that inspires action.  Whether for you or your company, product, training, non-profit or mission.  I have a well-refined strategy for leading clients through a process that uncovers the best and most compelling part of each story.

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I have a natural curiosity and zeal for learning about new businesses, organizations, & stories.  I have created a process to get to the core parts of each message and then guide my clients through a process toward a measurably successful project.  Please take the next step to either contact me or discover more about my process by watching the videos on this page.  Thanks for visiting -- Brent

Brent Tallent, Brent Tallent Video Productions

Brent Tallent Video Marketing - Video that Propels