Feel the video!

The overwhelming evidence is that if you can’t get your viewer to connect to your video on some sort of emotional level, it will quickly be forgotten and even more importantly, it has little to no chance of evoking a change.  A change is the goal, right?  If you go through the process of producing a video, hopefully it’s with the goal of evoking a change of some sort.  A sales video wants a sale.  A training video wants the viewer to perform the training.  A branding video wants the viewer to see the business in a new and better light.

Evoking this change is not a small trick.  It has to do with telling a story and once you start talking about this your dealing with something that is quickly becoming abstract in comparison with the numbers on a side of a camera or lens or a format like “HD”.

It seems that when most people here the word, “story,” they quickly get images of “Once upon a time…” or the last novel they read.  This is not what I’m trying to point to.  I’m talking about the underlying structure of story that creates interest.  It’s the engine that makes the car move.  It’s not the colors painted on the wall of a house, it’s the foundation under the feet and the two x fours inside the walls.   If there is no underlying structure, it’s just a facade

I thrive on discovering the stories of individuals and businesses and then developing ways to lay down the story structure so that it evokes curiosity from the viewer.  I feel like anything short of this is much like handing someone an encyclopedia and hoping they will get excited enough about it that they will tell others… not very likely.


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